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What patients have to say about us

Best bedside manner I have ever had. Every staff member is incredibly polite and so friendly. My midwife Tandra is THE BEST and the only person I will see! I’m sure all the providers are wonderful, but Tandra makes everything seem like a walk in the park. She became a mother figure during my pregnancy. She even came to check on me after I gave birth! Shout out to Brittany Ellison for delivering my son. I truly believe that Providence and Tandra are the reason why I got my rainbow baby! I’m forever grateful.


I’ve had 2 positive birth experiences with the staff of PWH. The front office is friendly. The midwives offered me exceptional care for my last pregnancy and delivery! Nuria and Anna always took the time to discuss my care and answer my questions. I have been a patient of this office since 2010.

I will continue to come here for future needs. I felt very cared for and enjoyed my visits. I was never kept waiting a long time and usually out of the office within an hour of my appointments. The office is very clean, too. When I was at the hospital during recovery, Nuria and Dr. Dunson-Allen came by to check on me and say hello. Overall, just a very positive, comfortable vibe here!


I absolutely love Providence, I was not with them that long before Dr. Dunson-Allen delivered my son via C-section . Considering my son had to be born easy due to preeclampsia Dr. Dunson-Allen made me feel wonderful and prepared. After my c-section she came and checked on me on many times .. just wonderful


Blessed with baby girl on 5th November 2020 by C-section,done by Dr.dunson Allen,all went good but when I got discharge came home and after 3 days from that suddenly I got huge swelling in my legs and my blood pressure started to get high then again I got admitted without my lil girl bcoz of this COVID. Dr.Dunson made sure that I get totally fine soon and she is so amazing with her patience,she is just perfect Doctor and a very nice Women bcoz she understands you and your feelings.. about their staff, all staff members and all the nurses and practitioners are too good. I m never ever gonna change my Doctor .. just wanna say Thank u to all out there who are doing amazing job..God bless u all, Thank u Dr. Dunson


They are wonderful! They delivered my son 3 years ago and my daughter this October. I love Desiree and Amanda and all the nurses are top notch! I feel like i have friends there who always help and listen, even when i am on pregnancy number 2 and have been there done that!


Worked with this OB. She delivered both my children, traveling far for her awesome care. It’s really hard to find great, reliable docs in this day and time and I absolutely love this one!!!


Providence’s prenatal & pregnancy care was fantastic. From beginning to end, I felt supported, informed, and genuinely cared for. Administrative duties were handled promptly, appointments were quick and easy to schedule, triage & nursing duties were always handled with ease (even with two bigger kids always in tow).

I saw Anna Cherry and Nuria Nelkin through the pregnancy. Both were always kind, cheerful, knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and more than willing to go above and beyond my birth wishes. Upon the big D-Day, I called Nuria and wasn’t completely sure I was even in labor. Third time around… you’d think I’d know ha ha ha! She assured me, “trust my body”. 40 minutes after speaking with her, my sweet baby girl joined us safely on this side of Earth. My wishes for her birth were more than met. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better adventure. I only wish I could have seen Nuria’s sweet face before discharge to have a proper photo with her birthling. I suppose I need to write that part in the birth plan next time. 


This group is wonderful. If you are looking for less interventions, and a less-pushy OB, this is your place to go. I actually left my OB group at Piedmont for them at 25 weeks, and was really pleased I did. The midwives are amazing (Nuria and Anna), I almost delivered with Nuria, but then her shift ended when I was 7.5cm, so I delivered with Beverly from Nile (another great group of midwives, and the two groups cross cover each other some), and my experience was wonderful. 

My perfect baby girl was born naturally at NFH in May! I am actually back as a patient now for my second pregnancy, due in August, and look forward to getting to know the super sweet Midwife, Natalie, who is new there. You can’t go wrong with these ladies. Additionally, I have found the front desk and nursing staff to be really responsive and kind. They call me back and help me so much faster than my Piedmont group ever did.


My little one is 2 months old now, and I would be remiss if I waited longer to share my gratitude about this practice. Very accommodating, professional and knowledgeable practitioners. They are respectful of all choices regarding pregnancy and birth, and can attend water births at certain facilities. Nuria was my midwife that delivered my baby boy and she was so compassionate and comfortably in charge. Dr. Dunson-Allen provided care throughout my pregnancy as well, and made me feel at ease when complications arose post delivery. I was part of any decisions and always felt listened to. I will definitely return for future children should we be so blessed. Thank you to the staff and providers of Providence Midwifery!


My Midwife Amanda was absolutely amazing!!!! I could not speak more highly of her as well as the practice. My experience with my first child put me on edge when it came time to find a new practice for my second pregnancy and I had a bunch of referrals to this office!! They helped me achieve a successful VBAC as well as make me extremely comfortable during the whole labor and my prenatal journey! Not once did they attempt to sway me from my labor plan, instead they made sure it was followed as closely as possible without me saying a word! I am very pleased with them and will refer anyone I know to the practice, as well as come back with future pregnancies!!


Love them! Nuria, Anna, and Colleen are the best ever! They talk you through everything and are patient no matter how small your question may be. Amanda at the front desk is amazing as well. She is always smiling and so helpful. I’ve been here since the beginning of my pregnancy and can’t wait to deliver my baby. Almost there!

Love Destiny

Let me just start out by saying that I would recommend Providence Midwifery to anyone interested in having a truly great prenatal and birthing experience. Their centering classes are an amazing alternative way to experience your prenatal visits while being able to share with other women’s experiences, advice and ideas. The midwives are great and you feel truly heard and supported here. Anna and Nuria are amazing women that anyone would be blessed to have share in their special time with them. North Fulton Hospital also gets five stars from us as well. We are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts.


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