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Water Birth

Providence Women's Healthcare

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If you desire a water birth for your upcoming birth, you will greatly benefit from the support, encouragement, and experience of our Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). At Providence Women’s Healthcare, our board-certified nurse midwives have the expertise to provide you with excellent care and monitoring throughout your pregnancy to help you prepare for YOUR desired birth experience whether on land or in the water!!

Dr. Shelley Dunson-Allen, MD, FACOG, owner of Providence Women’s Healthcare, along with her colleagues truly support the midwifery model of care which provides an amazing opportunity for patients to achieve excellent birth outcomes. Due to this supportive approach and teamwork among our providers, we take pride in keeping our c-section rate the lowest in the state at WellStar North Fulton Hospital!

Water Birth Q & A

What is a water birth?

During water birth, you submerge your body in a stationary or inflatable tub of warm water. You can choose to only labor in the tub but deliver your baby out of the water, or you can labor and give birth to your baby in water. 

What can I expect during a water birth?

Our expectant mothers at WellStar North Fulton Hospital have opportunity to utilize a large birthing pool during the active phase of labor (usually 6+ centimeters) and baby is born under water and immediately placed on mom’s chest for delayed cord clamping and skin to skin.

Am I a candidate for water birth?

Most low-risk women are excellent candidates for water birth. Please discuss your desire for a water birth early in your pregnancy with your provider at Providence Women’s Healthcare to learn about your options. They can give you a personalized plan, so you know what to expect and how to best prepare. There is a mandatory water birth course offered in the 3rd trimester to help moms prepare for a safe and successful water birth. A certificate of completion is required by the hospital in order to be a candidate for water birth.

What are the benefits of water birth?

  • The warmth of the water and buoyancy facilitates relaxation and better mobility to encourage multiple position possibilities
  • Promotes relaxation and conserves energy
  • Provides mothers with better sense of control of their body and their protected space in the tub. Partners are welcome to join the tub with momma’s permission ☺
  • More gentle entrance to the world for babies
  • May shorten the duration of labor
  • May ease your pain without the need for medication or anesthesia
  • May reduce severe vaginal tearing and episiotomies
  • Increase blood flow to your uterus
  • May lower your risk for a cesarean section
  • May reduce your risk for incontinence after your birth

To learn more about water birth, please reach out to Providence Women’s Healthcare for their expertise and guidance to create a customized plan for you. Call and schedule an appointment today!