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Ellen Adamo, CNM


Ellen Adamo, CNM


While visiting a friend who had recently returned home from New Mexico, Ellen felt the call of midwifery for the first time as a young woman entering the adult world around forty years ago. This friend had practiced Midwifery with Traditional Hispanic midwives, the Curandera-parteras. These traditional Midwives played a vital role in Ellen’s understanding of the underserved mothers and babies of Northern New Mexico. Her heart thrilled as she listened to the stories of the mothers bringing life into the world into the sacred hands of Curandera-parteras who served this underserved region for many years.

After much prayer and contemplation Ellen decided to follow the path of Midwifery through Nursing. She lived and was raised in Nashville, Tennessee and completed her A.D. in nursing in 1988, followed by her BSN in 2009. Ellen went to work as a labor and delivery nurse at the old Metro General Hospital, which is now closed, formerly located on the Cumberland River. A team of Nurse-Midwives served the women at the Metro General, and again, Ellen heard the strong call of midwifery on her life.

Ellen worked as a labor and delivery, post-partum, normal newborn and high risk newborn nurse for over 25 years. During this time, she raised her own family and continued her education as her children obtained theirs.

In 2011 Ellen had the opportunity to return to school, and now, after many years of working as a RN and raising her family, the call of Midwifery came to her again. She was able to enter Frontier School of Nurse-Midwifery and Family Nursing, founded by Mary Breckenridge. Ellen earned her MSN from The Frontier School of Nurse Midwifery in 2014 and went on to become a certified nurse midwife, fulfilling this lifelong dream and call.

Ellen again remembered the night with her friend years ago. The stories of birthing mothers, under the vast New Mexico desert sky, rich, misty, painfully blue and purple and the love, skill, dedication and healing of the Curandera-parteras. She remembered the first call within her spirit to a path of Midwifery.
Ellen has a deep belief that all birth is a sacred, spiritual experience for each mother and family and should be treated with respect and reverence. She believes in Shared Decision Making, Informed Consent, and Partnering with women. She has a long history of working in a hospital setting but has also attended home births in the traditional setting.

Fun Fact: Ellen recalls that she was born in Marietta Ga and when she was a small child she has fun memories of her family calling her a “Georgia Peach.”
Ellen is excited to return to Georgia, join the team at Providence Women’s Health Care and serve Georgia, where she was born.

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