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Pre-appointment Intake and Check-In processes


We are excited to announce that beginning on June 14, 2020, Providence Women’s Healthcare will transition to using Patient Page to optimize our pre-appointment intake and check-in processes! This is an exciting opportunity for us to enhance your patient experience at Providence Women’s Health Care.

There will be no change in scheduling your appointments with Providence Women’s Health Care. Please continue to contact our offices directly to set up an appointment you might need.

Once you have scheduled your appointment(s), you will receive an automated text message and email with a link to start your intake. This intake is meant to be completed prior to your appointment and will save you ample time in our office filling out pesky paperwork.

You should click on the link to complete the necessary forms, such as your demographic information, insurance information, medical history, and sign the applicable consent forms.

Completing the intake forms should only take a few minutes, and you must complete them all in one sitting. Before beginning, please ensure you have the following items readily available:

  • Current insurance cards (information & image)
  • Photo Identification (reminder if you are filling out the form for someone in your care that this needs to be the ID of the patient)

If you're an existing patient, the intake link will simply ask you to verify all information on file with the practice and allow you to change it if incorrect.

Checking in for your appointment will be a new, exciting, and easy process. When you arrive at our office, please use your phone to scan the QR code you will see pasted on posters around the lobby. The code will redirect you to a webpage. At that time, you will be asked to complete your intake form if you did not complete it prior to your appointment. After the intake is completed (or if you completed it prior to your appointment), you will be asked to confirm a few details and sign any additional consents, if needed. Once the form has been submitted, you have been successfully checked in. After submission, you may receive notice to stop at our front desk for some additional information we need to give you. If you do not receive this redirect, do not worry - you can stay in your seat knowing you are successfully checked in.

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